Lacy Star 1

Lacy Star is a 15 year old hero, a member of the secret three.


Lacy was born on 16 January 2004 in Brooklyn,New York, to Samantha and David Star. Her parents split up when her dad had a child with another woman. Her mum got custody of her.



Lacy has these abilites-

  • Superhuman Speed- Lacy is given the ability of superhuman speed, enabling her to run on any surface. Kyle estimates that she runs near to the time barrier.
  • Superhuman reflexes- Her speed ability also gives her the ability of quick reflexes.
  • Material manipulation- By vibration she can manipulate objects to break or move.
  • Time Manipulation- Lacy can freeze, speed up, and slow down time, all without affecting herself. She can also selectively free other people from being affected.
  • Super Intelligence (limited)- Lacy thinks faster than the average human which results in her usually solving problems quicker.