The Secret Three (or S3) are a three man hero group made of Kyle McAdams, Lacy Star, and Tom Walker.


The three were brought together by Michael.

Kyle McAdams (Firewing)

He is the leader of the group. His code name is firewing, due to his power of flight, and probably referring to his red wings. He wears a red suit.

Kyle McAdams

Kyle McAdams, the group leader

Tom Walker (Green Cobra)

Tom is a member of the group. His code name is Green Cobra due to his power of shapeshifting. He wears a green suit.

Lacy Star (Star)

Lacy is a member of the group. Her code name is Star, most likely a reference to either her speed or her surname. She wears a blue suit.

Lacy Star

Lacy Star, a member


Thomas Walker, a member

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