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It had been a fairly uneventful Saturday.

Saturdays were by far my favorite day of the week. I loved the fact that there was no school- which meant I couldn't be bullied, harassed or tormented.

I'm Kyle McAdams, I'm fifteen years old and my life is complicated.

I'm not a nerd. Nothing of the sort. I don't even wear glasses. But for some reason, about everyone at my school agrees on one thing, and a number of them act on the fact that they believe I suck.

Saturday was always an escape from school. I always rushed to do my homework on Friday evening so I had the whole Saturday to myself. That meant staying indoors and lounging around, watching TV and playing video games.

This particular Saturday, I was doing the usual, which is to say I was spread out lazily on my couch in front of the TV with an extra large bag of crisps and a can of soda.

Jill, my little sister came racing down the stairs. She was the pole opposite of me. She was always outdoors.

"Kyle mum said you should go with me to the park," She told me.

"Why do I have to go with you to the park?" I complained. "You're twelve years old."

"Oh you're not going for her," My mum replied, coming down the stairs. "You've been in that same spot for hours. Really, you're fortunate not to be fat."

"I'm not lazy," I argued.

Jill snickered. "Yes you are."

I glared at her then looked back at my mum. "I do sports in school. Doesn't that suffice?"

"Once a week," My mum countered. "That's not enough. Now get up."

I argued some more, but my mum was like that. I ended up going upstairs to grab my trainers then went out with Jill to Central Park.

It was the typical New York City Saturday at Central Park. Kids of all ages milled around, walking, talking and roughing around in the grass. Especially since it was nearly summer, and the sun was out, the ice cream vans were in business, and kids licked their melting ice cream thirstily under the hot sun.

I myself felt like a snowcone, so I went to buy one.

I took in the view around the park as I walked with my sister and ate my snowcone. I could see a couple of boys from my school, laughing and pointing in my direction, no doubt laughing at the fact that I was babysitting my sister. But sometimes honestly, it felt like my sister was babysitting me. They were led by Tom.

Tom was my worst nightmare. He was bully 101, and he was big and strong for our age, so it wasn't easy to stand up to him. Tom has a pretty rough life, so he deflects it, I suppose, by making other people feel his pain. Mostly me.

He was given up for adoption as a baby, and I hear that his foster parents aren't the best either. He lived in a rundown house in an alley and shouting could always be heard from there.

I despise Tom's guts. And I hated when he laughed at me.

As a result, I gave Jill the liberty to run off and find her friends.

I walked around and ended up plopping down on a bench.

There was a girl sitting at the other end of the bench. I knew her from school, but she was the reserved in public, wild with friends type, so I didn't know her that well. Her name was Lacy.

She sported choppy, uneven, ginger hair which was kind of cute. She wore nothing over the top, just a t-shirt and jeans. She was calmly listening to music on her iPod.

I was still looking at her when Tom came over.

"Hey stop staring at her," He instructed. "It's creepy."

I looked up at him. "Leave me alone."

"Or what?" He said.

Words choked up in my throat. Every time I resolved to stand up to Tom, all it took was his presence and my resolve crumbled like sawdust. Lacy looked up like she was just realizing what was going on around her.

I don't know what I would have said. I don't know if I would have scampered away back home. But the noise of a helicopter started to disturb the environment.

I heard clunk clunk clunk, like the helicopter was dropping things. One of them dropped in my snowcone. It was a vial of clear liquid.

"What the heck?" Tom said looking up.



I must have been dead.

My head was pounding and my entire body felt like I had been run over by a truck, while my arms and legs felt like overcooked spaghetti.

My eyes struggled to open. I was greeted by bright walls which smelt of faded whitewash and a curtain, accompanied with the beeping of a heart monitor.

Translation- I was in the hospital.

God, I hated hospitals. I felt like throwing off the covers and running off, but my arms were slow to move, which was an accurate reflection of the grogginess of my mind.

The curtains were pulled away and a doctor came in.

"How are you doing, Tom?"

"I feel like I was used as a personal anvil."

The doctor smiled. "You'll be fine. You're expected to make a full recovery."

I took that in. "How long have I been out?"

"Longer than most who were in the explosion."

"How long?"

"6 months."

I coughed. "Say what?"

I thought it over. I wondered if my birthday had passed.

"Am I the last to wake up?" I asked.

He shook his head. "There's still one guy. Your friend, Kyle McAdams? He's yet to wake up."

"We're not friends," I replied. It was meant to be kind of a snap, but it came out as a feeble statement.

"You're lucky to be alive," The doctor revealed. "The thing that caused the explosion is a very deadly bio-weapon called Gavonite."

"Gavonite huh?"

"It is a Level 4 Biohazard."

"That's pretty dangerous."

"Indeed. The kitchen are making some food for you. You need to eat. Then I advise that you get some rest."

"How have I been eating all these months?"

"You haven't. You've been on a protein and water drip."

Only then did I notice the object in my arm. "I see."

The doctor left.

I must have slept again, because I woke to gentle tapping. It was a nurse. Food had been plopped on a tray in front of my bed, but I must have been sleeping when they brought it.

"Time to take your vitals," She said.

In perfect truth, I felt much better. My head no longer felt like my brain was planning a getaway, and my limbs felt normal.

The nurse planted something on my thumb, then pushed a thermometer into my mouth.

After a while she removed both.

"Good," She muttered.

"How is it?" The doctor asked, coming in.

"Normal actually," The nurse replied. "Perfectly normal."

"So can I leave now?"

"We'll keep you under surveillance for 12 more hours," The doctor announced, scribbling something down. "Then we'll see. Your parents haven't been in for months."

"Were they ever," I muttered.

" Just occasional calls to check on you."

"And saying you can keep me?" I questioned.

"That too."

I nodded. It was a trademark.

"Some good news is that your classmate Kyle has woken up," The doctor continued.

I bit back a comment. "What about everyone else who was at the park?"

"Everyone was practically fine. About fifteen severe cases, but the rest are all fine."

"Severe cases like mine?"

"Like yours," He agreed. "And Kyle's."

The nurse coughed. "There's food here. You should have something to eat."

I didn't disagree.


I woke up as my mum walked in with my breakfast.

I was glad when I left the hospital about two weeks ago, but the way my mum treated me at home, I might as well still be in the hospital.

"Hey," She said. "I didn't mean to wake you. How you feeling?"

"Fine," I replied. "Perfectly fine."

My mum smiled. "I made you bacon on toast."


"I have to go to work now," She said. "I'll call to check in on you."

"Mum you don't have to do that," I replied.

"Of course I do," She answered. "You were in an explosion! You could have died! And for so long you were unconscious, just there at the hospital, lying so peacefully and lifelessly..."

I was about to shout in frustration when I noticed my mum was frozen.

I looked around. The curtain was frozen, mid-motion. Out the window, people walking on the street were frozen. Noisy New York was suddenly silent.

"What the heck?" I murmured to myself. A shock went down my spine.

And then time resumed.

" might as well have been dead!" My mum continued, like nothing weird happened. "So I will call to check on you, and if you don't pick, I'll be home immediately. Text me if you need anything, okay?"

"Sure," I forced out of my throat.

My mum left the room.

I gulped down my breakfast, literally.

My mind started racing as to what exactly was going on.

"The vials," I muttered.

I remembered that helicopter dropping vials at the park. Whatever was in those vials had affected me.

Wait a second. I thought. How had I figured that out so quickly? I realized how fast my thoughts were moving.

That's when it became real. I was fast- really fast.

So many thoughts rushed through my head at once, I did the first thing that came to my mind.

I ran.

I ran out the door, out of the house, and down the street in all about one second.

I kept running, all over town. I looked back, and I could see my trail of blue following me as I ran. I was that fast.

I grabbed a pretzel, left the cash on the counter and ran back home all in about ten seconds.

I wasn't sure what I thought of my speed. It felt kind of cool, but at the same time it felt slightly infuriating that I couldn't just be a normal kid.

I used my speed all day. I wondered what my neighbors thought was going on, with blue flashes just racing all over my house. At a point I felt like someone was watching me, but I brushed it aside.

The doorbell rang. I sped there, then paused before opening the door.

No one was there, but there was a card on the doormat. I picked it up. It had an address and a date on it, as well as a time.

I looked round to try and see who dropped it.

The street was clear.


My alarm went off.

I yawned and switched it off. I lay in my bed, just replaying life over the last few days.

Since I had been discharged from the hospital, I had been chilling at home, mostly alone. My dad was out of the country for business. My mum had to go to work, so I had spent most of my days in front of the television.

I almost wished life could be like that forever- no school, no bullying, no nothing. Just staying at home, watching TV, playing video games, eating snacks and drinking sodas.

I rubbed my eyes and got out of bed. I trudged to my sink, got my toothbrush and toothpaste, and began to brush.

And then I looked up into the mirror.

My toothbrush dropped from my hand.

Wings- red wings- spread out from my back. My mouth dropped open. I realized my feet had floated off the ground. I struggled to come back down.

"Kyle?" Came my mum's voice from the door.

I panicked. "Ummm, coming!" I yelled.

I looked about for things I could use to cover my wings. My brain started to malfunction.

It was the weirdest thing ever (if having wings didn't count). My vision switched from normal to weird. I could see through the wall. My brain almost selected everything I could possibly use for the purpose I wanted.

I tried to grab my coat from it's hanger. It flew into my hand before I could pick it.

I struggled with my coat, trying to drape it over my wings. I took a moment to calm down, then I opened the door.

"What took so long?" My mum asked before noticing what I was wearing. She frowned.

My brain was still fluctuating and it was hard to focus.

'Why are you wearing your coat?" She asked.

My mind raced for an answer.

"I felt cold," I blurted out. "I felt cold, so I slept with it."

My mum's frown deepened. "Really? Winter hasn't started yet."

A bead of sweat trickled down my neck.

My mum released the frown as if she really couldn't care less. "Anyway, the principal called today. He wanted to confirm that you could start school after the Christmas break in January."

"Yes definitely!" I replied with fake enthusiasm. "Can't wait."

My mum regarded me. She must have thought I had lost my mind. "I'm late for work."

"Okay bye!"

I shut the door.

I kept the coat on until I heard the car leave the garage. When I was sure my mum was gone, I took off the coat.

The wings were gone.

I sighed in relief. Maybe I didn't have wings. Maybe I had been hallucinating.

And then I tried to pick up my toothbrush, and again, it flew into my hand.

I was forced to accept something weird was going on. I felt a strange sensation, as if something new was settling into my system.

Gavonite, I thought.

Immediately, I stretched out my hand towards my computer. It levitated, then flew into my hand. I searched it up.

It turned out that Gavonite, despite how dangerous it was considered to be, had only been tested on low class mammals before. Up until the attack six months ago, it had never been used before.

My mind raced. If the Gavonite had given me these powers, which it had, than how many people could have been affected? But the further I thought about it, only the most severe cases would have yielded these results.

I thought about my sister. She had been in the explosion, but she had apparently not even spent a night in the hospital, compared to me that spent six months and a half.

I lounged about all day, using my powers, willingly and unwillingly. I levitated things. My wings sprouted against my will. It was like watching a TV show, or reading one of those sci-fi novels. At a point, I felt watched, like someone was watching me, but I let it go.

At about noon the bell rang. I opened the door.

There was no one there, but there was a card on the mat. I picked it up.

It had an address and a date.


I hated that I couldn't resume school till January. I didn't even see why. I felt fine and ready to go, but the doctors insisted. I hated it not because I particularly liked school, but because I hate being at home.

I don't know who my real biological mother is. But shortly after she gave birth to me, she tossed me in the trash can. I was there, squealing and crying for hours until I was rescued. Then I was given to Child Services.

They say the United States Child services is one of the best. That's a lie. Apparently I wasn't very popular there, because they did an extremely lousy job of making sure that they were handing me over to fit parents.

Mr and Mrs Walker were both drunks who did nothing but...well, get drunk. I think Mr Walker has a day job as a shop worker or something, but Mrs Walker just sits about the house all day in front of the TV with a glass of cheap scotch in her hand, and occasionally a cigarette. She'll shout all day and grump about, then when Mr Walker comes back, they'll both go off to their favorite bar down the street, and won't be back until the early morning, both immensely high on Alcohol. It was by no means out of place for me to see Mr Walker passed out on the floor on my way to school, or Mrs Walker making out with the wall.

So as much as I possibly could, I left the house as early in the morning as I could and didn't come home until I knew Mr Walker and Mrs Walker would be off to the bar.

School gave me the best excuse to do that, and after school I'll go to the park with my friends, mostly, or go to a friend's house.

But without school I had nowhere to go, and Mrs Walker made sure of it. She made me stay in my room, and if I tried to sneak out, she yelled, threw glasses, and basically made a hullabaloo. At a point, she got tired of me trying to sneak out, and just locked me in my room.

I was considering jumping out the window, but it was right beside the living room, where I would have landed, and Mrs Walker would have seen me. Then no matter how fast I ran when I came back she would give me a spanking and no matter how many times I called Child Services nothing would be done about it.

I was pacing the width of my room as I thought, when I suddenly had an anger outburst, and I attempted to kick my door.

Words cannot explain how crazy what happened next was. As I pulled my leg back to kick, I started to shrink.

It was by far the weirdest thing that had ever happened to me, which is saying a lot. It took no more than three seconds, but clothes and all, I shrank till I was no bigger than your middle finger.

I was still in shock about what had just happened, when I grew back to normal size.

For a moment I thought I must have been going senile, and then I felt my face and felt whiskers.

My body started to change indefinitely till I was a slick, black, cat. I yelped.

I thought about my normal self. I changed back. But not for long. I felt my hands change shape abnormally, into something like wings, until I had transformed into a Bald Eagle.

I tried to make the most of the situation and fly out of the window, but before I could get there, I changed back to a human and plummeted down to my bedroom floor.

I tried to calm down and process what had just happened. I felt a shiver down my spine, like a new element had just bonded with my system.

I heard a slight noise outside my window. I climbed onto the fire escape. A card had been left behind. I tried to see who left it, but I saw no one.

All it had was an address and a date.


I almost doubted what I was doing, or why I was even going. But since I had superspeed now I figured if it was bad news, I could take care of myself.

About 5 minutes to the time on the card, I sped off to find the address. I loved that about my speed. I no longer had regard for time or urgency. Those rules no longer applied to me.

I arrived there with skepticality. It was a rundown factory on the edge of town, and no one appeared saying 'Hey there! I'm the super creepy guy that dropped that card!'

I don't know what I would have done next. I would've probably sped home. But a sound behind me drew my attention.

I turned round just in time to see Kyle, who was tumbling like he had just dropped out of the sky and looked as startled as I felt.

"Lacy!" He exclaimed. "I didn't know anyone else came here."

I didn't buy it, but I played along. "And what exactly do you do in a shutdown factory?"

Kyle was fumbling for an explanation when our eyes locked. A kind of understanding passed through us. I was probably playing long odds, but I was pretty sure he had just read my mind.

Kyle seemed curious. "You got a card too?"


"Do you know who dropped them?"


"Dropped what?" A familiar voice said.

I looked round to see Tom barrelling towards us.

Kyle got on edge. "What are you doing here?"

"None of your business," Tom replied gruffly. He looked at me. "Hi Lacy."

I nodded.

Tom swung his attention back at Kyle. "Get out of here Kyle. No losers invited."

"Then why did you get a card?" Kyle shot back.

Tom lumbered towards him threateningly. "What was that?"

"So you did get a card," Kyle muttered. "This should be fun. Stay out of my way and I won't have to crush you."

Tom laughed. "You could try."

Maybe I should have done something. But I was frozen in suspended animation, watching with dangerous fascination.

Kyle flicked his hand towards Tom's face, and a stone from the ground hit Tom right on the nose.

I watched with astonishment as Tom's nails grew into claws. He swiped at Kyle who dodged. Red wings sprouted out of Kyle's back and he rose into the air. Tom himself morphed into a giant hawk and followed suit. He managed to sink his talons into Kyle's shoulders.

Kyle yelled in pain snd his wings retracted. He crashed back down to earth- literally.

Tom moved in for the kill.

I realized Tom could actually hurt Kyle pretty badly, so I decided to move.

I sped toward's Tom faster than he could follow and pinned him against a tree.

Tom's look was priceless. "What the heck..."

"Enough!" Someone declared.

Tom stopped struggling. I released him from my pin. Kyle stumbled to his feet and still managed to speak before any of us.

"And you are?"

The man smiled. "Why, I'm the reason you're all here."

Then he marched inside giving us no option but to follow him.


I was still fuming as I marched after the weird man with a weird smile who was weird enough to leave me a card on my doorstep.

I mean it was infuriating. Finally I get something good like powers going in my life and of course Tom Walker has powers as well. I finally think I can stand up to Walker and I get my butt thrown into the dirt- literally. By a Hawk-Walker.

The three of us followed him deeper and deeper into the factory. He stopped at an old chain mill.

"Excuse me," Tom spoke. "It would be much appreciated if talk."

The guy smiled. "We're getting there." He glanced at the chain mill. "But what do you see?"

Tom blinked. "A rusty old chain mill."

"Hmm. Much to learn. Kyle? What do you see?"

I scanned it. "Source of energy. Factory is a facade. Once a pressure plate is triggered, the facade will fade?"


He put his hand under the chain mill and there was a hum. The ground we were standing on took us down, below the factory- and into an amazing place.

We were immediately standing in the midst of vast space. In one corner lounge was adorned with fine luxury couches, while another was a snack bar, appealing to the eye with delicacies of the highest order.

"My name is Mike," The guy started. He walked over to the intercom. "And the cave intercom is called Janice."

"You name your intercom?" Tom laughed.

"Hello visitors. I am Janice," The intercom spoke.

Tom swallowed. "Of course you name your intercom."

Mike sat in a chair at the intercom face and swung it round to face us. "Six months ago, you were all in a Gavonite blast."

"That's what gave us our powers I presume," I replied.

"Indeed. But you are not the only one's affected. Some will use their powers for good. Some for bad. Others will decide to conceal their abilities."

Tom shrugged. "That's boring."

"I believe you three however, could be quite the... ah, Guardian Angels, of New York."

"Like a hero group?" Tom realised. "No way I'm working together with McAdams. Never going to happen."

"The feeling is mutual," I muttered. "Besides, Tom can never be a hero. He's more like the type to use his powers for bad."

"And you'll use yours to be a loser," Tom fired.

I faced him. "You're bound to make mistakes. After all you are a mistake."

Tom growled. I could tell I'd gotten under his skin. "I swear if you don't take that back..."

"Enough," Mike interrupted. "Yes, it will be interesting working with you two. As I was saying, gang lords are already realizing the potential in the city for henchmen. New York is about to experience a sky rocket in crime rate. And you can stop that."

He pressed a button on his dashboard. An encasing came forth in the world with three suits.

One was red, one was green, and the last one was blue. They were all spandex and elastic, comfortable for running, shape shifting- just about anything. Even sprouting wings.

"Dibs on the green one," Tom called. "Dang, this is cool."

I agreed.

Lacy took the blue, with her blue lightening and all. I got red, which was good for my red wings. Tom's eyes turned green whenever he shape shifted which was apparently why he called dibs on it.

"So I was thinking, Secret Three," Mike continued. "We have a lot of work to do."


So maybe Kyle was right about one thing- I wasn't so sure about this hero stuff.

I mean apparently, Lacy had already done a fair share of her own heroics, without being seen additionally, and Kyle had also stopped some gang violence once.

But me? I had never even thought about being a hero.

We started training regularly, a few days after school and then all saturday.

We never really did anything serious though until one fateful day.

We had just wrapped up training when Janice rang the alarm.

"Hostage situation at iCorp."

Mike looked at Kyle. "Well?"

I hated that. Mike addressed Kyle even when he was addressing all three of us, as if by mutualunderstanding, Kyle was the spokesman. Knowing Kyle, he would unfortunately mistake that for being the leader, and never in my life will I be under the control of Kyle McAdams.

"Well....what?" Kyle asked.

"What are you waiting for?" Mike replied, his eyes still firmly fixed on Kyle. "Go!"

Lacy grinned. In a starry flash of blue lightening, she grabbed her suit and was off, Barry Allen style.

I loved the Flash. And now I was not only working with a real life speedster, I myself was something like you'll see on that show.

Kyle sprouted his wings and picked his. I adorned my green suit and changed into an Eagle then flew off.

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