Tom as a white tiger

Tom Walker 2

Thomas 'Tom' Walker is a 15 year old hero, a member of the secret three.


Tom was given up for adoption when he was very little. He was adopted by Mr and Mrs Walker when he was seven. Tom jokes that he apparently wasn't very popular in Child services because they did a bad job of checking if the Walkers were fit parents. They are both alcoholics.


Tom has the following abilities-

  • Shapeshifting- Tom can shapeshift into anything, be it animate or inanimate, thought the level of difficulty ranges. He can sometimes obtain the abilities of a particular animal even while in human form. He has obtained the strength of an elephant, the sight of a hawk, the speed of a cheetah, and the webs of a spider without turning into the physical forms of these animals.
  • Growth- Tom can grow twenty times his size, or shrink into the size of a finger.
  • Material Absorption- Tom can absorb a material by touching it, hence becoming that material.